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Beyond Bitchy: Mastering the Art of Boundaries

Jun 27, 2018

When you take a moment to think about you, technology, and boundaries, don't you feel the guilt and pressure? Most of us have a love/hate relationship with technology, and struggle to create boundaries around tech. In this episode, I'll help you define your boundaries around technology and inspire you to own technology, rather than letting technology own you.


Biggest Takeaways From Episode #16:

  • When you hear the word “consumption” you probably think of food. In reality, you are consuming all of the time you are conscious and awake. 
  • Here are some specific signs that you may have a problem with technology:
    • You get online for a specific purpose, and realize later that you haven’t completed what you set out to do.
    • You spend more time documenting what you’re doing and uploading it to social media than enjoying the moment.
    • You use technology to procrastinate and avoid tasks or goals that need your attention.
    • You're busy, but not productive.
    • You feel out of control around technology.
    • You realize that your use of technology is preventing you from accomplishing goals or dreams.
  • Here are some specific solutions—and boundaries—regarding technology and devices:
    • Track and notice what you’re doing now.
    • Do an honest evaluation of whether your relationship with technology is enhancing your life and bringing you closer to your goals.
    • Experiment with not having your devices with you in some settings or situations.
    • Set a timer when using technology or completing a task that requires you to be online, for example.

Highlights from Episode #16:

  • Vicki gives an overview of the topic of today’s episode: you, technology, and boundaries. [02:30]
  • We hear about consumption in general, as well as consumption in technology specifically. [04:27]
  • Neuroscience has taught us that images are very powerful and stored in a part of the brain that is older than our thoughts. [08:20]
  • Vicki talks about some of the signs that you may have a problem with technology. [12:34]
  • Pay attention to your physiological responses when it comes to using technology. [20:06]
  • We hear about some solutions regarding technology and devices. [28:30]

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