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Beyond Bitchy: Mastering the Art of Boundaries

Aug 7, 2019

It's time to talk about boundaries and codependency! In today's episode we'll discuss how to recognize codependency, why codependency is a boundary problem, and how to stay on your side of the street. We're all battling codependency to one degree or another, so tune in and find out how codependency stops you from creating the limits you need to create.


Biggest Takeaways From Episode #58:

  • How to recognize codependency in your life.
  • Why codependency is a boundary problem.
  • The 5 core issues in codependency.
  • Six common signs you may be struggling with codependency.
  • Resources for learning more about codependency and how to overcome it.


Highlights from Episode #58:

  • Welcome back to the show! Today’s episode is a deeper dive into the relationship between codependency and boundaries.. [00:39]
  • Vicki talks about codependency and gives a little background on the term. [02:46]
  • Codependent No More is a book that helped Vicki recognize codependency. [07:10]
  • Vicki gives her definition of codependency. [08:38]
  • Codependency is a boundary problem. [11:55]
  • The 5 core issues as taught by Pia Mellody in her book, Facing Codependence.  [14:23]
  • Six signs you might be struggling with codependency. [23:39]
  • Vicki gives some ideas and tools to help put an end to codependent behavior. [34:08]
  • There are several 12-step community programs that can help you dive deeper into understanding codependency and Vicki discusses these. [40:33]
  • Vicki’s final thoughts. [45:04]


Links and Resources: