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Beyond Bitchy: Mastering the Art of Boundaries

Dec 11, 2019

You’re probably familiar with the idea that it’s better to give than to receive, but is it true? With the holidays coming up soon, it’s time to explore the important topic of balancing giving and receiving. Many of us are hungry to receive attention, compliments, love, and affection, but still struggle with accepting them. Tune into this episode to learn all about achieving balance and receiving graciously!

Biggest Takeaways From Episode #76:

  • Giving relates to boundary work because it’s about offering your time, energy, and/or resources. Making decisions about what you will or won’t give is setting limits and creating parameters.
  • Receiving and accepting an invitation or opportunity is also about boundaries and limits; it’s saying “yes,” but also means saying “no” to many other things.
  • Receiving graciously might be a struggle, but it’s a skill and habit that contributes to intimacy and connection in all your relationships!
  • If you know that you tend to be an over-giver, strengthen your receiving muscle by simply saying “thank you” when receiving a compliment or gift, without taking on the burden and obligation of giving back.


Highlights from Episode #76:

  • Welcome to episode 76! Vicki takes a moment to talk about extreme accountability and her upcoming break. [00:39]
  • Today’s episode, Vicki explains, focuses on balancing giving and receiving. She then digs into the concept of giving. [04:13] 
  • We hear about receiving, which is all about saying “yes” but also creates limits. [09:45]
  • Vicki covers some of the signs that you might be giving too much. [12:51]
  • Vicki digs into the concept that it’s better to give than to receive, which actually comes from the Bible, and explores whether it’s true. [15:02]
  • Many people have a difficult time with receiving, Vicki explains. She then discusses the art and value of receiving graciously. [21:45]
  • We hear about how receiving graciously relates to the women’s movement. [26:35]


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