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Beyond Bitchy: Mastering the Art of Boundaries

Jul 15, 2020

It’s important to speak your authentic truth, but that doesn’t mean you should do so blindly or recklessly. Today, I want to share seven questions to ask yourself before sharing your authentic truth with someone else to get clarity and ensure that you’re doing it in a relational way. 


Biggest Takeaways From Episode #98:

  • It isn’t always easy to share our authentic truth. We may not even know what it is, or we may be unwilling to admit to ourselves what it is. Or we may mistake a knee jerk reaction for our authentic truth, or feel unworthy or like it’s not important.
  • Not sharing your authentic truth in a relational way with another person might mean you miss the opportunity to experience more intimacy with them. But we don’t need to express every belief or opinion we have.
  • There are seven questions you can ask yourself to get clarity about speaking your truth to other people in a relational way. #1: Do I want to be heard? #2: Can this person hear me? #3: What response do I expect to hear? #4: Am I wanting to poke the bear? #5: Do I need to express myself, regardless of the response that I get? #6. Can I express what I want to say in such a way that it’s completely about me, rather than the other person? #7. Would it be possible for me to wait for 24 hours before expressing this emotion or thought?


Highlights from Episode #98:

  • Welcome to Episode 98 of the podcast. Vicki starts off by discussing The Radiant Threefold Path, speaking your authentic truth, and her 30-day Facebook Live event. [00:39]
  • Today’s episode is all about your authentic truth, Vicki explains, and lists some reasons why it may be difficult to share yours. [06:10]
  • Vicki explores her phrasing “share your authentic truth in a relational way.” [10:59]
  • We hear about The Four Agreements and their relevance to what Vicki is sharing today. [13:28]
  • Vicki begins sharing the seven questions that you can ask yourself to get clarity about sharing your authentic truth. [19:30]
  • We learn the fourth through sixth of Vicki’s questions to ask yourself. [24:56]
  • Vicki’s last question involves waiting for 24 hours before sharing your authentic truth. She explains how this tool can help. [32:24]
  • Vicki quickly recaps the seven questions that she has covered in today’s episode. [36:29]


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