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Beyond Bitchy: Mastering the Art of Boundaries

Apr 4, 2018

Every first episode of each month focuses on women and boundaries. Women are vulnerable in ways that men aren't, and the inherent power imbalances in society can contribute to women experiencing more boundary violations. I discuss why these imbalances exist, some of the inherent strengths women have and how those strengths can contribute to boundary challenges. I will devote the first episode of each month to the topic of women and boundaries—so be sure to tune in!

Biggest Takeaways From Episode #4:

  • Women have unique issues and topics to address when it comes to boundaries. My first episode of the month will be be dedicated to these women’s topics. Men, keep tuning in to better understand and navigate interactions with women.
  • It’s problematic to claim to be racially color-blind or gender-blind, because this perspective bypasses important differences and ignores the reality of the way things are. We miss not only the specific challenges, but also the beauty of differences.
  • Women deal with safety issues every day, including considering what time of day to go outside, specific aspects related to travel, and other topics that most men don’t need to constantly think about.
  • Research has shown that infant girls have innate differences from boys. For example, infant and toddler girls are better at mimicking what someone else is doing, and hold eye contact longer. These differences make women uniquely gifted at establishing and maintaining connection with others, but can also contribute to women’s reluctance or inability to fully own their power.

In today’s episode, I address topics related to boundaries and women. Women are vulnerable in may ways that men are not, including in the workplace and politics. These disparities and the unbalance of power lead to boundary violations. With that said, it’s important to be clear that these systems and disparities aren’t perpetuated only by men. I also talk about why these imbalances exist, the inherent differences between men and women, and some unique boundary-related topics that women face. In future first-of-the-month episodes, I’ll cover more about women and boundaries, so tune in today and in the future!

Highlights from Episode #4:

In This Episode:

What it looks like when men are unconscious around issues of boundaries with women. [02:21]

Some of the specific challenges that women have when it comes to boundaries include safety-related topics. [08:38]

Generally speaking, women tend to be vulnerable in ways that men are not. [11:47]

When you have a power imbalance in the workplace, it’s very problematic to describe any sexual interaction as consensual. [13:55]

The role of boundaries in safety, and how much time women spend focused on safety and scanning for danger. [18:42]

Topics surrounding sexual boundaries in terms of keeping women safe. [25:24]

Some boundary challenges relate to women’s unique and inherent strengths. [27:02]

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