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Beyond Bitchy: Mastering the Art of Boundaries

Jul 31, 2019

How do you deal with emotional vampires and boundary-violators in the workplace? Learn what an emotional vampire is, along with tools for responding to their intrusive behaviors. This episode is all about exercising your right to privacy and boundaries while maintaining professional relationships in the workplace. Tune in!


Biggest Takeaways From Episode #57:

  • How to deal with people who act victimized by boundaries that you’ve set.
  • Why "shoulding" is a form of manipulation.
  • Learn what emotional vampires are and how they affect you in the workplace.
  • Tools for responding and creating boundaries with co-workers who are emotional vampires.
  • Quick review of how to deal with boundary violations by employers or supervisors. 

Highlights from Episode #57:

  • Welcome back to the show! Today’s episode is inspired by a listener’s question. [00:40]
  • How do you deal with people who act victimized by boundaries that you’ve set? [01:59]
  • Why the word “should” is a form of manipulation. [06:33]
  • What are emotional vampires and how do they present in the workplace? [09:45]
  • Hear the listener’s question and the type of vampire she’s dealing with. [15:40]
  • Learn tools for handling emotional vampires in the workplace. [18:48]
  • Tool number one: Cut off their oxygen! [21:01]
  • You're not obligated to respond to questions that push the limits of your privacy. [24:45]
  • Learn conversational tools for protecting your private information with co-workers who are vampires. [25:34]
  • How to use specialized tools for boundary violations. [29:48]


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